There are a number of excellent reasons for using Autumn as the perfect background for your beautiful pictures. As a Photographer in Kaiserslautern, I love taking shots in the Autumn

Because it’s the season where I can start my day with a delicious warm apple tea, and end up with an even tastier hot spiced wine or hot spiced cider. Trust me the hot drinks help a lot with my creativity. But these are not the only things why I love Autumn, as a photographer in Kaiserslautern I think it’s one of the most beautiful seasons. Even if every season has a special characteristic to me. Autumn is special. There are just so many warm colours, it’s also emotional because we wave goodbye to all the summer fun and slowly welcome the winter. We are surrounded with natural beauty, castles and beautiful architecture here in Kaiserslautern, Ramstein, KMC area, Baumholder, Frankenstein, Mannheim and the list goes on!  Please keep reading to find out some of my reasons to not miss this warm coloured season.

Reason #1

The neutral colours of an Autumnal background will blend beautifully with almost any décor, allowing your photos to be the centrepieces for any room.

Reason #2

The weather is mild so everyone from the youngest to oldest member of your party can dress comfortably, and enjoy the beautiful weather. Being comfortable makes the photo process more pleasurable, and everyone’s expressions will reflect that. Everyone will still have a healthy glow from the summer’s sun. If you love to tan, and want to show off you bronzed skin and sun kissed hair, a photo shoot in Autumn allows for that!

Reason #3

The weather is cool enough that clothes can be mixed and matched to create different looks that allow for everyone to dress as they please while still creating a unified look. in Kaiserslautern.

Reason #4

Fall provides a number of excellent natural props and backdrops. Leaves of wonderful colours are everywhere. They adorn the trees, ground and architecture in a splash of colours. They can provide a festive background as well as being fun to play in! Pumpkins and squashes of all colours and sizes make excellent props and backdrops. The graceful branches of bare trees and shrubs create an interesting backdrop.

Reason #5

The fall landscape is alive with interesting sites like migrating birds, falling leaves, animals preparing for hibernation, and dervishes of colourful flora being blown about in a brisk autumn breeze. All these make an interesting add-on to your photos.

Reason #6

The natural diffused light of this incredible season allows me to create a beautiful experience for you and your photography here in Kaiserslautern, Ramstein, Landstuhl, KMC area, Baumholder and surrounding locations to use my knowledge of shutter speeds, ISO, and shadows to get that perfect shot.

Reason #7

The sunrise and sunset in Autumn are the most visually stunning of the year.  The colours are vibrant and alive. The natural filtering of the light brings out the reds and gelds in your photos.

Reason #8

The light quality in Autumn is perfect for playing with polarised lenses and different filters to create a variety of looks. You can create the feel of a 1950s colourised shot, a cool black and white, or dramatic shots with drastic contrasts of light and shadow.

Reason #9

Children grow so fast, and families change so quickly that we need to catalogue those changes as we can. Using the four seasons as a reminder to take family portraits is a great way to make sure you never forget those precious moments!

Reason #10

September, October and November are the perfect time to plan Christmas gifts from close friends and family. No gift is as thoughtful as a beautiful family portrait. I’m a photographer in Kaiserslautern, serving the KMC area, Ramstein, Landstuhl, and Baumholder. I also travel to other locations upon consultation.

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