A Confident Venetian Gentleman Through my Lens

An Elegant Venetian Gentleman with a linen white suit, yellow tie, had, stick and smoking a cigar. Photographed by Roberta Montagnini

During my photoshoot in San Mark’s Square in Venice, this Venetian gentleman was walking by and I asked for a photo. He said, yes and quickly got into position, then put his cigar on his mouth and his stick under his arm and looked at me. I took 4 photos and it was just super quick. I was nervous and hoping my settings on the camera weren’t overexposed or wrong because I knew I had only a few seconds. But thankfully it was fine. I thanked him and he walked away. The next day I saw him around the same time walking in the same area, looking super elegant like before, probably going to get his breakfast somewhere while enjoying the views of his magnificent hometown. Venice is one of those places you will never get tired of the view. I thought he looked absolutely amazing and I was really nervous in case he said no. But you never know until you ask. This photo is something I really love because it shows this gentleman’s class, confidence and beauty in the most natural way. Makes me feel nostalgic about my grandparents and wishing I had them close to take some epic images of them and who they are.

This is why people need to exist in photos. I wish I could track him down again and gift this to him or his loved ones.

If you happen to know him or is in Venice. I saw him on St Mark’s Square around 7AM going towards the Grand canal. I’d love to get in touch.

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