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Contemporary Portraits Luxury Hampton Roads Photoshoot Williamsburg, Newport News, Yorktown. Best Photographer

Understanding the Power and Beauty of Contemporary Portraits 

Learn What Award-Winning Photography Roberta Montagnini Can do for You with a Contemporary Photoshoot

Serving the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, award-winning photographer Roberta Montagnini offers a variety of fine art photography. With expertise in contemporary photos, Montagnini’s impressive portfolio of diverse subjects leaves one to wonder– precisely what is contemporary photography? 

Art experts and photographers have long debated the definition of contemporary photography. However, this art form requires a modern approach with a skilled photographer behind the lens. The purpose of contemporary portraiture is to capture the subject to reflect their individuality and represent them in their unique design. In addition, contemporary portraits should reflect your beauty and offer empowerment by capturing your authenticity. 

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At Roberta Montagnini Portraits, every contemporary photography experience is tailor-made to fit your needs and goals. With an inclusive, luxurious experience, every subject will leave feeling empowered. 

The power and beauty of contemporary photography lie in its ability to be adapted to nearly any form. Contemporary portraiture can include a variety of luxurious fabrics and clothing. Roberta Montagnini Portraits uses creative lighting and angles to capture you in a way that will transform your understanding of self. These portraits will allow you to see the art in who you are. Whether you choose an approach that includes runway-style fashion or simplistic lines and neutral colors, contemporary photography captures you in a single moment, revealing the elegance of who you are today. 

Roberta-Montagnini-Fine-Art-Men-Bodybuilder-photographer-Hampton-Roads-Newport-News-757-VA-1Roberta Montagnini Portraits is located in the Hampton Roads area of Yorktown, Virginia. The studio serves Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg, and surrounding areas. Only a 3-hour drive from Washington D.C. and an hour drive from Virginia Beach, Roberta Montagnini is Virginia’s authority in fine arts portraiture.

Contemporary portraits: a style with a modern approach created to be treasured for many generations

In short, contemporary photography is a style in which a modern approach is taken to create an empowering image that the subject can treasure for decades to come. By creating a custom-tailored experience for each client, Roberta Montagnini ensures that your portrait experience will be as unique as you are. 

When you book a contemporary photoshoot with Roberta Montagnini Portraits, you receive the full creative attention of an award-winning photographer. Contemporary photography focuses on the subject of each snapshot as a piece of art. Therefore, your contemporary portrait session will make you feel exquisite. 

Booking with Roberta Montagnini allows you access to an extensive client wardrobe of luxurious fabrics and clothing. In addition, you will have the opportunity to utilize stunning accessories, jewelry, and hand-painted backdrops, each selected precisely for you. Your portrait session will be unparalleled compared to any other photography experience.

Following your portrait session, you will receive one-of-a-kind photos that can be printed as the highest-quality Italian-made wall prints or put in photo books. Furthermore, with the option of having your photos submitted to compete in prestigious worldwide competitions, you may keep your images private or share them with an international audience. 

Contemporary Portraits

Contemporary portraiture captures your individuality and artistry in a single moment and presents that as an art form. Schedule a consultation to begin your customized experience and learn what Roberta Montagnini can do for you. 

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