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A Great First Impression With Professional Headshots And Personal Branding That Represents You

Whether you just launched a business, are having an article published, are looking for a new job or perhaps you need to update your ID or passport photos, you need professional headshots. It would be a lie to deny that first impressions don’t matter because they do, and sometimes there are no second chances.

It’s important to make a great first impression with headshots and personal branding images. Regardless of your field of work, whether you are a lawyer, doctor, IT, salesperson, CEO, politician, student, or are unemployed looking for a job. It is important to present yourself in a way that shows integrity, care, and professionalism. Leave the selfies for informal social networks.

professional headshots by Roberta Montagnini Yorktown VA Hampton Roads Personal Branding

How often should I update my headshots?

It’s recommended to update your headshots and personal branding images at least once a year or whenever a major body modification or style happens. Please scrap that photo from 2005 because you certainly don’t look like that anymore and everyone knows it. Having an updated professional image of yourself shows that you care and are dedicated to making great first impressions.

It’s so important to keep your personal branding image current, especially since our appearance change from time to time. It’s critical to renew your headshots if you’ve had your hairstyle or color changed. After all, your headshots will be your reference when applying for jobs, networking with online contacts, and if you have a website with an “About me” section.

Professional Headshots and Personal Branding Photograph Hampton Roads, Newport News, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Richmond, Washington DCLeave your “Selfies” or “Party shots” for your social networks.

We are well aware that “selfies” or “party photos” are not the way forward to portray a professional image. Perhaps your “skilled” friend snapped some headshots for you and you just went with it. But in today’s competitive world it is crucial to be on top of your game because sometimes we don’t get second chances. By making a great first impression with the way you present yourself you would show authority and respect.

Investing in your professional image with a photographer that understands lighting, posing, can coach you on what to wear, and can guide you throughout the entire photoshoot experience makes everything easier. At Roberta Montagnini Portraits you will be guided on what to wear, how to prepare, how to pose, and everything you may be worried about. Also, if you’re worried about not being photogenic or not knowing how to pose, that’s my expertise, and you’re in luck because lighting and posing is my jam.

Professional Headshots and Personal Branding Photograph Hampton Roads, Newport News, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Richmond, Washington DC

Choosing the right photographer for my professional headshots and personal branding

Ensure your photographer is the right fit for you and pay attention if your photographer is genuinely interested in creating something that fits your personality. A red flag would be when they don’t ask you any questions, or just let you do your own thing. Since the photographer is the expert it is their responsibility to make sure you shine in your headshot photoshoot experience. Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer to explore a series of lighting techniques, depth of field, seated, standing poses to flatter your body and make an impact.

Once you decided to book your photoshoot, it would be a great idea to consider spicing things up by adding a variety of themes on top of doing your personal branding photoshoot. Ask about the possibilities of including more artistic work in your photoshoot session such as fine art, boudoir, fashion-inspired, and so on. You will be already there for some photos so you may as well do it all! Go big or go home kind of mentality.

Professional Headshots and Personal Branding for actors, models, politicians, Hampton roads, Newport News, Yorktown, VirginiaWe would be delighted to photograph you and help you portray your brand and personality with luxurious headshots and personal branding photoshoot sessions.

I’m Roberta Montagnini and my goal is to help you see yourself with great lighting, positivity and enhance your natural beauty with the most beautiful portraits you have ever seen of yourself. Check my Instagram to view more images!

We would love to help you make a great first impression.

The studio is located in Yorktown, Virginia, between Newport News, Hampton, and Williamsburg, in the Hampton Roads area. A three-hour trip south from Washington, D.C., or a one-hour drive north from Virginia Beach.

Get in touch today to schedule your complimentary professional business headshots or personal branding photoshoot to chat about your needs.

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