woman with dark blond long hair and beautiful dress by fashion photographer in ramstein and mannheim fotografen in kaiserslautern
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woman with dark long hair and beautiful dress by fashion photographer in ramstein and mannheim fotografen in kaiserslautern

Mentoring sessions with Roberta Montagnini

Being a photographer is incredibly rewarding and a lot of fun. I’m a portrait photographer, graphic and web designer and I’ve photographed people of all ages, color and body types. Beauty, boudoir and fashion portraiture, business and children. I’ve learned so much, changed my style, editing techniques numerous times, been mentored, attended photography workshops, and have gained invaluable knowledge, tips + tricks that I’m super excited to share! A mentoring session with me will help you improve your skills. The classes are held in an informal environment filled with fun. So whether you’re just starting out and want to learn how to make your images look better or if you’re looking to learn something new and add more to your experience get in touch so I can prepare something special for you, tailored to your needs.

Full day mentoring sessions include:

+ Helping you find your style
+ Helping you find your audience
+ How to attract & book your ideal client
+ Guiding your clients
+ Posing techniques
+ Live shoot with a real person
+ Working with studio lights
+ Building a portfolio you love
+ Calibrating your computer
+ Understanding your equipment
+ Constructive feedback on your work and/or website
+ How to price yourself
+ Tips on how to paint your own backdrops
+ Studio set up (What you really need!)
+ Advertising, Collaborating, Instagram
+ Refreshments

From €900 (+- 5 hours)

High-end professional editing

1-on-1 editing with me, in person or via Skype. I will teach you tricks, techniques and give you lots of invaluable advice. I will help you get your images to the next level so you can improve your editing skills and wow your clients. This knowledge will help you build a bulletproof portfolio and have images just like the ones you see in magazines and discover the secret on how to achieve a flawless, natural look.

You can also choose to edit some of my images.
€100 per hour

If you’re interested get in touch.

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