Model call

I’m looking for 2 models to participate in a photoshoot. I’m Roberta Montagnini a Fine Art & Fashion photographer based in Kaiserslautern. I’m looking for 2 models to participate in a mentoring session that I will teach. The photos will be taken by my student under my guidance. You will receive 2 images fully retouched.

I’m looking for young girls even children is they are cooperative and willing to stay at least 2h without complaining. Age range from 4 to 20. Minors will need parental consent. If selected you agree to sign a model release. If you’re accompanying a minor and would like to stay, you are welcome to do so (1 parent/guardian only).

Must be able to do your own makeup. Very light coverage foundation, natural look, no eyelash extensions, no shimmer, no glitter, no visible tattoos, no braces, no fun hair colors.

Please read the requirements below:

Girl 1

Skin tone 1: Medium to Dark Black
Eye color: Any
Body Type: Slim
Hair: Natural Hair Preferred
Ethnicity: African, Asian Indian

Girl 2

Skin tone 2: Light White Skin
Eye color: Green, Blue, Grey, must be light.
Body Type: Slim
Hair: Redhead would be ideal, but blonde and dark colors are ok.
Curly or straight hair.
Ethnicity: Any white background


Sunday, 28th of June 2020
Location: Kaiserslautern
Time: TBC

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Anything I should know? You can ask me questions here as well.

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