Fine Art Project 2

Would you like to take part in a Fine Art Photoshoot experience? This photoshoot is for a personal project and I’m looking for a female model to illustrate my vision. You must be comfortable being naked in front of the camera. All images will be tastefully taken and no explicit nudity will be visible.

Must haves: Be a female. You must be able to show raw emotions expressively. Though acting skills would be benefitial it’s not important. By emotions I mean to be able to show sadness despair, anger, hopelessness and so on. This is extremely important plus be over 18 and have small to medium body type. Comfortable being naked in front of the camera.

For this project, I need a diversity of skin tones and ethnicities.

  • A caucasian woman with blond hair.
  • A light to medium skin tone woman with dark hair
  • A light skin woman with red/orange hair.
  • A light skin woman with the whole body covered in tattoos.
  • A black woman

All participating guests must sign a model release.

This photoshoot is estimated to last between 1h – 2h. The studio is based in Kaiserslautern.
You must also be able to come with your hair and makeup ready. Nothing too extravagant, just a simple clean look.

What you will get: €1000 to spend on images. Individual images will be delivered digitally only. I plan on taking a couple of fashion/boudoir shots first and then proceed with my Fine Art vision after.

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