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I specialize in creating high-end Fashion and Fine Art portraits of women

  • That wants to be a super star for a day and experience a real photoshoot with lots of fun
  •  That often leave things for tomorrow because… you’re not happy with your body, can’t afford it, or maybe you’re too shy

For any of the reasons, I’d love to meet you and make you like a Vogue cover girl and hear all about how you would love to be photographed (don’t worry if you don’t know how yet, I can give you lots of ideas!)

So if you happen to be searching for a photographer in the KMC area, Kaiserslautern, Ramstein, Landstuhl, Mannheim, Frankfurt, Baumholder. I’m your girl, and it would be a great opportunity for you to gift yourself or someone you love this photoshoot experience.
So if you happen to be searching for a photographer in Kaiserslautern or any of the following locations; KMC area, Ramstein, Landstuhl, Homburg, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Mainz, Mannheim, Luxembourg City, Trier area I’d love to chat with you so we could design your desired photo shoot session. Click here to start.
Fine Art Photography Awards
Silver - The Portrait Masters Image Awards 2018
Bronze - The Portrait Masters Image Awards 2018
Bronze - The Portrait Masters Image Awards 2017

I’m dedicated to help you

As a real woman myself. I can relate with that feeling of not loving your own photos and sometimes having to take over 1.435,678 selfies to get one right.

A photo we don’t love, can affect us in such a way including lowering our self-esteem. You say to yourself: –  “OMG, Is that really me?”

So you start hiding from photos, because you think your are not beautiful enough. Often with excuses of not being photogenic or because you think you’re too fat, too thin, too short, too tall…

Just stop please! You are beautiful and unique, period.

I have photographed women of all ages and sizes and I could show them that they are just as beautiful as the women you have seen in famous magazines.

With all that said, I want to photograph your beauty in a way that you have never seen before. I want to help you connect with that siren that is within yourself and help you become more confident than ever.

Before + After transformations…


Behind the scenes of a photoshoot



Photoshoot styling consultation

No small detail is overlooked. You get the chance to design your dream photo session according to your personality.

Professional Hair & Makeup

Matching your desired style to help you feel even more confident and beautiful with a photo finish that is ideal for all the lights we use in the studio.

Fully Guided Photoshoot

I’m a master at posing and lighting and I will fully guide you every step of the way. So you don’t have to worry about anything!

Private Studio in Kaiserslautern

A fully equipped studio with gorgeous handpainted backdrops so you don’t have stress about finding a location for your photoshoot.

Use of Studio Wardrobe

We have a variety of gorgeous dresses and outfits that you are welcome to use, as well as mix and match with your own.

Multiple wardrobe changes

From sexy goddess to ready carpet to casual styles! For you to enjoy being yourself in many styles and outfits of your choice.

High-End Image Retouching

Retouched with our hi-end signature editing techniques. So all your images will look just as gorgeous as the ones you see on Vogue.

Gallery Reveal & Order Session

A private viewing with your most beautiful images. You will be wowed by your stunning photographs, and have lots of fun selecting your final prints

How do you dream of being photographed?

Click here to get started



I loved working with Roberta. She made me feel so comfortable and confident. She made me see myself in a whole new way that I never saw before. She made me feel beautiful. The pictures were absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to take more photos <3


Roberta is a creative through and through. She has an eye for design in many different mediums, so it’s no surprise to me that she’s also a fantastic photographer.

She photographed my family and I for my pregnancy announcement, and was so great with my toddler son. Her patience and ability to make him comfortable was crucial for getting lots of photos with smiles to choose from!

She understood my vision for the shoot completely, and executed on them with ease. I was so impressed with the final shots, and have already received so many compliments on the photos. I can’t wait to frame them, blow them up, and hang them all over the house! 🙂

A good photographer is key to capturing and immortalizing a special event or time in your life. They are moments you’ll never get back, but I’d trust them completely with Roberta.


Taking my pictures with Roberta was an excellent choice. She is very professional, creative, funny and has a good vibe, which made me feel comfortable and confident.
The final results were fantastic, I am very pleased with it. I strongly recommend her work.


Roberta is so fun and creative and has such a wide range of skills from just natural beauty shots/photography to some awesome editing skills!


Roberta ist die beste Fotografin in Kaiserslautern und Umgebung! Das Fotografieren ist ihre große Leidenschaft und das merkt man auch. Ich hatte so viel Spaß beim Shooting! Immer wieder gerne!!


I did this photo session with my family and in my case what I felt was something wonderful that I would love to repeat! Roberta made me feel like a Queen that day. She did my hair, helped me choose my best outfits and fully guided me throughout the entire photo shoot telling me how to pose and made me feel really confident by the way she directed the session.

It was magical! As a woman I can tell that we love that kind of attention, and Roberta managed to do it perfectly. She was very patient, had an awesome vibe and was an excellent professional. Some less comfortable poses were done at ease because of the way she handled the session. I just have to thank her for this experience! It was really great for me as a woman and for my family.

I will always cherish those moments in which I felt so special, but even more so are the wonderful legacy photos I have that will last forever! I recommend everyone to try a photo shoot with Roberta at least once. I highly recommend the work of excellence of this magnificent photographer! Once again, thank you so much!


From the beginning until the end, Roberta paid attention to every single detail. My make-up was done to gorgeous perfection while I relaxed. She arranged my hair beautifully (I have very difficult hair to work with), and provided me with creative outfits (in fact, people asked me where to buy some of the outfits). She adapted her photographing to my needs as I didn't know what looked good and didn't have a firm idea what I wanted, only "beautiful pictures". She was thorough with her shoots, and directive with the poses she had in mind. Her editing is phenomenal, and really makes the pictures. If one looks at the final photographs one sees a stunning me; while in reality they are the sum of an expert make-up artist, talented coiffeur, thoughtful photographer and experienced editor's skills.


So, I’m inviting you

… to NOT JUST a photoshoot, but to a beautiful and bespoke transformative experience!

I’m not photogenic

It’s not your job to make sure you look wonderful in your pictures, it is MINE, and lucky for you that is my expertise!

I’m awkwardly shy

I’m devoted to make this an incredible eye-opening experience for you with lots of fun and laughter

Ugh… But I don’t like my body

Lighting and posing can do wonders to enhance all your best features and you will look fabulous just the way you are right now.

I’m too old for this

Don’t be silly. You are perfect. Women are amazing at every stage of their lives and deserve to have beautiful portraits of themselves to register every moment.

I don’t have pretty dresses and don’t know what to wear

Hey girl, that’s okay. Good news is that I have a wardrobe with lots or gorgeous outfits that you can wear and mix and match with pieces of your own. Plus there are online places you cant rent from too.

I have no model experience

It’s indifferent whether you have or not modelling experience. If you have never posed for a professional photographer. This is a great reason for you to do something new, and be wowed by the results of it.

I’ve done a photoshoot before 

That’s awesome! You should do it again. Because doing a new photoshoot is always a great way to renew your vows with yourself.

I just need the digital files

I got you covered! All purchased images will come with a complimentary digital copy. So you can share your photos online with friends and family and make everyone excited to have the same experience.

I need a quick turnaround 

Depending on my schedule I’m able to accommodate the most diverse needs and sometimes have everything done within the week. Get in touch and let’s see what I can do for you!

Your work is wonderful, but I can’t afford it

That’s definitely not an issue. My clients are real people like you too and their budgets vary, plus I do offer payment plans.

Not your typical photoshoot

It is an empowering uplifting experience that has helped young girls and women of all ages to reconnect with their own beauty

When you have a photoshoot with me, you will go through a makeover that enhances your style and personality. You will look and feel like a super star and change the way you see yourself.

  • When we connect I will answer all of your questions, inspire you with ideas and help you create your Dream Photoshoot.
  • No hard sale so you can have the peace of mind that you will only purchase the images you love.
  • Happiness Guarantee in case (never happened before) you don’t like your images. We will talk again to understand what went wrong and you will get a complimentary session.
  • Vogue, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Baazar Magazine Style photoshoot so you can experience being a celebrity and a Cover Girl for a day
  • Magazine High-End Retouching so all your gorgeous images are treated with the same luxury of a high-end fashion magazine
  • In Person Wall Gallery for you to enjoy looking and choosing your favorite images in a private session.
  • Real Italian Leather display and storage case for you to display and store your images and pass down to future generations. With professional archival quality paper guaranteed to last 70+ years
  • An Exhilarating Experience that you will always remember
  • Rewarding so you can refer your loved ones with confidence. For every person successfully referred, each of you get €100 voucher to be used towards your purchase of prints and art.