Hello there!


I’m Roberta Montagnini, a portrait photographer and I have a superpower ( I can stop time, and I’m not even joking!). To me there is nothing more precious than beautiful memories of ourselves, our parents, children and all the people we love. By having photographs we have powerful and beautiful memories that we can touch and cherish through many generations.

The years have past and my passion for photography has never stopped growing. I love fashion, contemporary and classical art. To me, it’s an honour to photograph people and I enjoy knowing more about them and capturing that moment that in a instant is frozen forever in time.

I’m fascinated by different ethnicities, shades of skin, eyes, hair, wrinkles, freckles and scars. Every person is so distinctly unique and I celebrate that.

The opportunity to photograph women and to give them this extraordinary experience and confidence to exist in photos is so empowering and rewarding. I cherish my family photos so badly and I wished I had more photos of my grandmas and grandpas.

One day your children will look for photos of you; – What will they find?

Ps. — The photo on the side is my super-glam “about” picture! (yes, I believe in the power of having gorgeous photos of yourself so much that I also had some photos of myself taken). But don’t worry, I’m just an ordinary girl who normally goes out with a pony tail and no make up.